Adding a Support Assistant to a Class

This method allows a Support Assistant to be added to a class and for the class to show on their timetable.  The directions below will allow the staff to see a register for the class in lesson Monitor and the class will appear in the Staff Groups link.

1)      The Support Assistant must be entered into P7 and Manage Classroom Staff in SIMS.net with the same Staff Code and Name as used in Nova-T6

2)      In SIMS.net>Focus>Person>Manage Classroom Staff the Support Assistant must have a tick in one of the Teaching Assistance boxes and will need to be given a Working Pattern in the Organisation area.

3)      In Nova-T6 add the Support Assistant to the Teachers List.

4)      Add them to a class by right clicking on the Class Name in any timetable display and choosing to Add Staff, this will add them as an ‘extra attribute’ and therefore the class does not belong to them.  If you wish you can add them in the Classes or Block screen by dragging them to the correct cell and clicking NO when asked ‘Replace existing teacher?’ (remember to check the correct person as showing as Main Class Teacher by double clicking on the Class Name). Using this option will result in the class cell showing in pink on the Classes screen to highlight that the class is over resourced. kb4115

Reviewed 27/7/20


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