Creating A Split Class in Nova-T6

This option can be used to add 2 or more staff to teach a class at different times.  In the Main Class Teacher will show in Curriculum assignment by Scheme with brackets around their name in the Class Name column heading. In Assessment Manager the class will only appear once in the Template area but both teachers will find the Marksheet under My Marksheets.

1)      In the Classes screen drag the second teacher onto the relevant class cell

2)      Click on No when asked ‘Replace the teacher?’ This will have placed both teachers on the same class.  By double clicking on the class name you can check or change the Main Class Teacher.

3)      Check in the Sessions screen that the teachers have been assigned to the correct class

4)       In the Block screen drag the teacher from Pending sessions  to the correct build cell.

5)      Build and Schedule the block in the Block screen


Reviewed 27/7/20

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