Inconsistent font size in generated profiles report

If the inconsistent font is from a teachers comment or a comment inserted from the comment bank, check the following
1.  Check the default font size in the comment bank.  This is the font set in the List Entry Screen and is applied to typed as well as inserted comments.
2.  If the session is set to allow formatting (check in Session Manager if it is ticked)  it could be due to a teacher using a different font to type in the list entry screen, or it could be caused by copying and pasting from Word or Excel.
If the inconsistent font is from a sentence following a RESULT tag  – in Session Manager, edit the template and check the font size is consistent in the template.  If the problem still exists try the following
  1. In Session Manager, edit the template
  2. Select the affected section (the result tag and sentence)
  3. Select the correct font to reapply it to the result tag and following sentence.
  4. Make sure it is LEFT aligned.
  5. Remove any spaces between the result tag and following sentence.
  6. Insert a TAB between then result tag and following sentence (you can format the tag to 0.1cm to mimic the size of a space)
  7. Save the changes to the template.

For further troubleshooting of incorrect/incomplete report output please see the following KB:

Individual reports in Assessment Manager 7 or Profiles not populating correctly in Office 2010


Reviewed 16/02/2015

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