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UPDATED: 01/08/22 Summer 2022 Upgrade to SIMS (v7.206) and FMS (v6.206)

The Summer 2022 SIMS Upgrade (V7.206) & FMS (V6.206) is planned to be rolled out on the evening of Friday 22nd July 2022 from 5.30pm
(Scomis Hosted users please log off by 5pm)


Important Information: Following the upgrade ESS have had reports from Schools to advise that they aren’t able to access Edit Marks or Take Register as the following error appears “1524-9950-1700 ‘Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint ‘PK_att_fnt_54384DFAF0451DD’. Cannot insert duplicate key in object ‘dbo.@tab’. The duplicate key value is (XXXX). : System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException’” –

Hosted Schools: Should you experience this error please email the Service Desk (scomis@devon.gov.uk) requesting for patch 27454 to be applied.

Non Hosted Schools: Patch 27454 has already been released via SOLUS 3. Please apply the patch and then run database diagnostics followed by validate memberships in order to resolve the error.

Release notes containing detailed information on what is included in the upgrade can be downloaded below:

SIMS Summer 2022 Combined Release Notes

SIMS Summer 2022 Secondary release notes

SIMS Summer 2022 Primary release notes

FMS Summer 2022 release notes

FMS Summer 2022 what’s new

Discover Summer 2022 release notes

SIMS Permissions Spreadsheet for v7.206

Please see below for new functions in this release

New functions in the SIMS Summer upgrade

For Non-Hosted Schools upgrading your own data the SIMS & FMS upgrade will be released via SOLUS3 on Friday 22nd July between 3 and 4pm. UPDATE 19/07/22 ESS previously stated that from the Autumn 2022 upgrade computers that run SIMS will need to have at least Microsoft .NET 4.7.2 installed or SIMS will not work. ESS have confirmed that this has been pulled forward to the Summer upgrade so SIMS will NOT run unless the above framework is installed before or after the upgrade on each workstation.

You may find the following FAQs useful:


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