Why use the Scomis Hosted Application Service otherwise known as SIMS Terminal Server

Scomis Hosted Application Service (including SIMS) extends the managed service provision to schools, leaving you to get on with your key role of using SIMS to support the education of your pupils.

There are many benefits of the Scomis Hosted Application Service including –

Total cost of ownership – with budgets being as tight as ever in school, there are significant cost savings to be made when comparing the cost of hardware, software, licenses, support and time required for running and maintaining a SIMS server within the school. Existing school hardware can be used for longer before becoming obsolete.

SIMS access easily available throughout the school  – for schools who previously kept SIMS within their admin  office due to cost restrictions, this is will now no longer be the case. It takes minutes to get SIMS Terminal Server access on to other workstations in the school.

Resilient – multiple servers, pro active monitoring, reliable connectivity via SWGfL means a resilient service

Backup – all data hosted by Scomis is backed up each night and securely mirrored to a 2nd location. This ticks all the data security boxes, moves responsibility away from the school and gives schools peace of mind that their data backups are being monitored daily by Scomis to ensure integrity.

Upgrades and Patches – no need for the school to run upgrades and patches as this is a managed service so there is greater efficiency for staff. Significant time savings so staff can focus on education of their pupils.

Access from home -it will now be possible to access SIMS from home*

*there is an additional cost if schools require access to SIMS outside the school via the Scomis VPN service

Better option for the future – By using the Hosted Application Service you will ensure your SIMS system is always running on up-to-date supported software.  And with SOLUS 3 just around the corner requiring a dedicated server for SIMS, moving to Hosted Application Service wll make for cheaper and easier option rather than paying for new hardware, installation and matainance services.

Pending update – 01/08/2019

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