View UPN’s on a Marksheet

How to view pupil UPN’s on an Assessment or Exams Marksheet

The DfE states “UPNs are not [to be] printed or written on any reports or similar documents • UPNs are not [to be] disclosed to anyone without valid consent or legitimate reason”

See DFE Guidance on Unique Pupil Numbers

However, if it is deemed necessary by the school to see the UPN numbers, an ‘Exported’ marksheet contains the UPN numbers in column A which is hidden.

To view the Hidden Column A – Open the marksheet and click ‘Export | Formatted’. The marksheet will open in Excel. Unprotect the worksheet via Review | Unprotect Sheet. Then go to Home | (on the Cells tab) Format | Hide & Unhide | Unhide Columns. The UPN will be displayed in Column A.

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