Updating Discover on Terminal Server

How to upgrade the Discover implementation on the SIMS Terminal Server.

Download the Discover ISO and extract

Copy ServerSetupFiles from the CD Image folder to “\Source Files\Setups\AutoUpgradeScripts\Discover\ServerSetupFiles”

Copy the ServerSetupsFiles from the CD Image folder to C:\Support\Discover\ServerSetupFiles on the Discover Database Server.

Run the Setup on the Database Server to upgrade the Services for Group Sync and Data Transfer.


Upgrading the Databases

Open an Elevated Command Prompt

Browse to C:\Support\

Run Update_Discover_Databases.bat



Upgrade the Discover Client on a Workstation

Run the client upgrade on a workstation

Rename the Discover.Designer.Desktop.exe.config by putting a 1 in front.

Copy the C:\Program Files\SIMS\Discover Client folder contents to T:\Source\Push\_PushDiscover\StuffToSend

Download the Discover DocCentre zip file (so we can deploy the help pdf’s locally) i.e. http://dl.capitasolus.co.uk/Downloads/DocCentre/Discover-DocCentre-2014-Autumn.zip

Extract this file copy the contents into T:\Source\Push\_PushDiscover\StuffToSend

Launch T:\Source\Push\_PushDiscover\StuffToSend\_install_.bat



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