How do I unlock a season in Exams Organiser?

A season can be unlocked after a submission has been made, for example. Unlocking a season enables the data to be amended, i.e. candidates can be entered for examinations, forecast grades can be entered and basedata can be imported or refreshed, etc.

Click the Seasons button on the Application Bar or select Tools | School Setup | Seasons to display the Seasons browser.

2. Highlight the season you wish to unlock and click the View/Edit button.

3. Click the Unlock the season button on the Focus Bar or select Season |Unlock.

Unlock the Season button


NOTE: Before unlocking a season, please be aware that any proposed submissions that have not yet been submitted to an examination
board will be deleted. A locked season is a ‘snapshot’ of the current season. It freezes the data so that it cannot be amended whilst
submissions are made to examination boards. Unlocking a season allows the associated data to be amended and therefore the ‘snapshot’
of data is lost.


Reviewed 29/7/20

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