How do I close a season in Exams Organiser?

A season may be closed when you have finished administering the examinations for that season and all the results have been received. It is only possible to close a season after the user has confirmed that all results have been finalised.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once a season has been closed, it will not be possible to reopen the season. Therefore, ensure that the season requires no further work before proceeding.

By closing a season:

  • Marksheets become read-onlyTemplates and marksheets no longer containing aspects will be deleted
  • The Seating Organiser cannot be accessed
  • Submissions cannot be made
  • Results cannot be imported
  • Basedata cannot be modified
  • Basic season details cannot be modified
  • Candidate groups cannot be modified
  • Access to enrolment and entry details for internal and external candidates will be denied.

Select Tools | School Setup | Close Season to display the Close Season dialog.

Highlight the season you wish to close and click the Close Season button


Reviewed on 24/05/2019


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