How do I add a Season in Exams Organiser?

In setting up your season patterns, you should bear in mind that you cannot import two instances of the same element or component into one season. Therefore, if you were to declare a long season, say March to June, that is supposed to contain two opportunities to take OCR GCSE Science or Maths modules, you would not be able to import in June items that already existed for March. Key Skills present a particular problem here, since they are available in virtually every month.

Click the Seasons button on the Application Bar or select Tools | School Setup | Seasons to display the Season browser.

Seasons button

The Season browser defaults to display all Open seasons with the current season highlighted. To view Closed or Locked seasons, click the Field Browser button and select the appropriate option.

NOTE: There is no limit to the number of open seasons you can have in your system. However, only one season can be current. All options from the Focus menu relate to the current season.

Click the Add button to add a new season or highlight the required seasonname and click the View/Edit button to edit an existing season. The Season Details form is displayed.


Select the Season Pattern on which you wish the season to be based by clicking the Field Browser button.

Enter the Calendar Year to which you wish this season to apply. This willcombine with the season pattern name to generate the default Season Name that cannot be edited.

Enter the Start and Finish dates for the season or select the dates by clicking the Calendar button. These dates indicate the life span of the season, i.e. the dates between which the examinations are being dealt with rather than the date of the first and last examination.
The dates default to the first day of the first month and the last day of the last month specified in the season pattern.

Enter a season Description if required, which is displayed only on this form.

Select the Default Season check box if you want this to be the default season.

NOTE: You cannot deselect this check box if this is the existing default season. You can only deselect the default season by selecting another default season.


Reviewed on 24/05/2019

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