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How do I Import Look ups?

You will need to be a member of the School Administrator user group in System Manager to import lookups. Please see your System Administrator/Manager if you are not sure whether you have the required permissions.

1. Select Tools | Lookups | Import Lookups to display the Import Lookups page

2. Click the Select File button to open the Open dialog.

3. Navigate to the location in which the lookup code file is stored. Highlight the required file then click the Open button. The Lookups present in the file and Lookup values present in the file panels are populated with the lookups and values included in the file. Clicking on the lookup in the Lookups
present in the file panel will display the values within the lookup (if only one lookup is included in the file, then the values are displayed automatically).


4. To import the lookups, click the Import button on the toolbar. A timer will appear whilst the import process is carried out.
5. Once complete, any errors will be displayed in the Exception Log panel.

6. Any errors that appear can be saved and/or printed by clicking the appropriate button and the information can be forwarded to your Local Support Unit if required.

7. If this panel is blank, the import process has completed successfully and the lookups will be
available for use.


Last Reviewed 24/08/2015

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