How do I set up Alternative Curriculum?

1. Select Data  | Alternative Curriculum

2. Click the New button

3. Enter the Prefix, Description and Subject as shown in the following graphic, and deselect the Always Active check box.

If the intention was to schedule the unit at all periods of the cycle, then the Always Active check box would be left selected. This would result in every period having a tick in the first column – a simple time-saver.

4. Confirm the definition of the new group by clicking the OK button, then select the new group from the left-hand list.

5. Place a tick at Correct Day and perid  (use <Space> or double-click) and add teacher  and room.

6. Ensure that one of the cells on the day/perios row is selected and click the Copy button at the top right and select the middle option – Copy to this period on all days.

Note the other possibilities.

7. Confirm by clicking the OK button. Nothing is likely to happen because no other period has the Active tick.

8. Repeat the Copy, but also select the Active Status check box.

The existence of the Literacy Unit, together with the resources attached to it, is copied to period 5 on all days.

9. Confirm the changes by clicking the OK button.

This is all that is required to define the Alternative Curriculum activity. When the timetable is eventually exported to SQL routines within SIMS will enable individual students to be withdrawn easily into the alternative structure at one or more periods. It is worth noting that, in most school situations, it is likely that timetable will have been completed prior to defining Alternative Curriculum activities. When using the Copy functionality (as outlined in step 8 above) this can result in the double-booking of staff and/or rooms. Any such possibility is highlighted in the appropriate cells as illustrated in the following graphic.



Reviewed on 20/7/20

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