How to run a patch from DB Upgrade.

Important: Before any patch is run you MUST have full backup of both SIMS & FMS.

Make sure all users are not using and are logged out of Sims or FMS.

1. Download and Save the Patch to your Desktop or C Drive – Do not save the patch to a Network Drive.

2. Unzip the file by right clicking over the file selecting  ‘Extract All’ and   follow the instructions on the wizard screen.

3.  If running the patch on the Admin Server go to My Computer and browse to  ‘C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQLServer\MSSQL.10.sims2008\mssq\Binn\DBUpgrade.exe

If running the patch on the  Admin Workstation go to My Computer and browse to  ‘C:\Program  Files\SIMS\\DBUpgrade.exe.

4. Select ‘Run the following SIMS database upgrade file’ and browse to the folder where you saved the patch file.

5.  Log in with a SIMS System Administrator username and password and then click ‘Login’

Server Name = The name of your Admin Server\SIMS2008

Database Name = SIMS

6. Click Install

The patch will upgrade your database.  Click ‘Finish’ once the message appears that the upgrade has completed


Reviewed on 31/7/20


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