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Migration to Hosted Applications

This documentation will guide you through a successful implementation of the Scomis Hosted Application
Service from your current school hosted environment. It is intended for the Schools SIMS Data Manager
(Or similar role) to use and will require input from other members of staff such as the Network Manager &
Exams Officer to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible.

This has been broken down into the following key stages listed in summary below and in detail on the following pages:

a. Connectivity Requirements
b. Connectivity Checks
c. Printer Checks
d. Functionality checks
e. Remote Access Checks

a. Database Health Checks
b. Document Management Tidy
c. SIMS Data Tidy
d. SIMS Folder Tidy
e. Identify Users
f. Identify Key users requiring User Management Rights
g. Identify SIMS Modules
h. Identify Third Party Applications
i. System Manager Passwords
j. Scomis Software Installation

a. During  Migration
b. Third Party Applications Configuration

a. Distribute Logon Information
b. Train Staff
c. Allocate Shortcuts
d. Configure External Third Party Applications

a. Signoff

Using these step by step guides will ensure that you and your users have the best experience possible before, during and after migration to our service.


Reviewed on 16/10/2019

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