1. Service evaluation: Is this suitable for your school ?

A. Connectivity requirements

  • The Scomis Hosted Application Service uses Microsoft Remote Desktop Services / Terminal Services which is a very efficient network protocol and is reliant on a fast internet connection.  If your internet connection is heavily used there will be a noticeable impact on the user experience.  Schools should use ISP provided tools such as Netmap to monitor internet usage and ensure that the schools connection does not exceed 80% of your connection capacity.  If you require help with this stage, contact the Scomis Service Desk on 01392 385300.<Insert table>

For the service evaluation, the school will be provided with a Hosted Applications demo account to evaluate the Scomis Hosted Applications Service.  The test environment has a demo version of SIMS using the same live platform that the school would be connected to.  It is the schools responsibility to ensure that the Scomis Hosted Application Service meets the needs of the school prior to the migration process.

To connect to the hosted applications environment, download the appropriate client installers from: http://www.scomis.org/go/hosted – both clients are MSI packages and can be deployed manually or through Group Policy or other Network Management software.  Please note the clients requirements detailed on the download page.

B. Connectivity Checks

The Scomis Hosted Applications client is a wrapper for the Microsoft Remote Desktop client and provides a quick method of accessing the service without needing to understand how to configure the Remote Desktop client.   Your local network policies may need to be altered to allow users access to the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client (MSTSC.EXE)

Launch the Scomis Hosted Applications from the Desktop icon, enter the test login credentials, then click the Connect button.

If you did not see the logon screen or receive an error, it is likely to be due to connectivity issues. Further advice is available through the Scomis Service Desk, or our FAQ Site – http://faq.scomis.org/categories/services/terminal-server-tech/

C. Printer Checks

Scomis use a third party printer management tool called ScrewDrivers.  Using ScrewDrivers means that we can support 99% of printers that may be used in the school and eliminate many of the problems commonly associated with remote printing – Please check our FAQ articles for further information –


It is important to note that only 2 printers will be connected to the Hosted Applications Service, one of which will be your computers default printer.  To access alternative printers, ScrewDrivers detects a change of local default printer within 30 seconds or a user can configure preferred printers using the ScrewDrivers control panel.  Your local network policies may need to be altered to allow users access to this functionality.

  1. Log into SIMS
  2. Click Reports > Run Report > Birthday Report
  3. Choose all selections and run the report
  4. Word will open the report (you may need to ALT+TAB to bring the window to the front)
  5. Print the Birthday report, using the File, Print menu route in Word
  6. Check that your default printer, plus one other are available to select
  7. Print the report


D. Functionality Checks

We advise that you locally install our client and ScrewDrivers printing software on a few typical workstations and print a birthday report or similar from within the Scomis Hosted Applications Service demo data.

If you share the demo account please be aware only one person can use it at a time so if you are disconnected it is likely someone else has connected to the same session.

Allow key members of staff to use the Hosted Applications Service demo, ranging from casual users to intensive SIMS, FMS and Exams Officers. This will give users an idea of what to expect – the migration to Hosted Applications Service will change the way of working with SIMS and FMS.D. Remote access checks


Service Evaluation Conclusion

  • Were you able to connect?
  • Were the printers that you were expecting to see available in the Hosted Applications Window?
  • Were you able to print the document printed double sided, stapled and in colour?
  • Was the performance of the service acceptable?
  • Do your staff have any concerns about switching?
  • Does the Hosted Applications Service meet your requirements?
  • Do you need additional onsite support to assist with transition?

If the Hosted Applications Service meets your requirements, please complete the first section of the Hosted Applications Sign Off sheet at the back of this document or download separately. Please contact Scomis to arrange a provisional migration date.  You may now start the Pre-Migration preparation tasks.

Hosted Applications Sign Off sheet – http://www.scomis.org/go/hostedappssignoff



1. Service evaluation: Is this suitable for your school

2. Pre-migration Preparation

3. Migration

4. Post Migration 

5. Completion

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