2. Pre-migration Preparation

 SIMS database health checks, data and Docstorage cleansing

There are a number of housekeeping routines within SIMS .net to keep the database performing at its best which users may not have carried out recently.  Prior to migrating onto the service we ask that the following housekeeping tasks are completed.  You will need to be a SIMS System Manager to complete these tasks.

A. Database Health Checks

  • In SIMS .net > Tools > “Validate Memberships”
    • This is a very intensive process that should be run whilst SIMS .net is not being heavily used. Either out of hours or when it is least likely to impact usage.
  • In SIMS .net >Tools > System Diagnostics > “Database Diagnostics”
    • Tidy up the schools SIMS .net database by using Database Diagnostics to carry out some automatic fixes and identify other problem areas. Not all of the issues found need to be fixed and some are for information only, contact the Scomis Service Desk or your local support team if you need assistance.
  • Update your Hosted Applications Sign Off sheet

B. Document Management Tidy

  • In SIMS .net > Tools > Housekeeping > Document Management Server > “Maintain Orphaned Documents”
    • The initial run of this routine will take a significant amount of time if it has not been run before. We recommend deleting all orphaned and unlinked documents which are basically temporary documents or  previous versions of reports cluttering up the Document Management Service.
  • Update your Hosted Applications Sign Off sheet.

C. SIMS Data Tidy

  • In SIMS .net > Tools > House Keeping > Archive Attendance Marks > “Archive”
    • We recommend archiving all years up to the previous academic year. Archiving the Attendance years will  improve the overall performance of SIMS .net, but it means that the school will not be able to “Edit” the years that have been archived, although the information is available for reporting.
    • Please see this FAQ for assistance https://faq.scomis.org/kb23184/
  • Update your Hosted Applications Sign Off sheet
  • In SIMS .net > Focus > System Manager > Manage Users
    • We recommend removing any SIMS .net Users who have left the school and update staff details. At this point it is also a good idea to review staff SIMS .net permissions.
  • Update your Hosted Applications Sign Off sheet

D. SIMS Folder Tidy

  • Locate your SIMS Folder (usually S:\SIMS)
    • Check through the SIMS folders for any files and folders that can be deleted. You may find multiple copies of folders from old backups and support calls. The EXAMIN, EXAMOUT and EXAMHOLD folders should be tidied.
    • You should archive files which are older than 12 months as this will improve the speed of the A2C transfer application.
    • Always check with the relevant staff before removing files from these locations.
  • Update your Hosted Applications Sign Off sheet

There is a lot of housekeeping and some of this work may require the SIMS Manager needing assistance from the Scomis Service Desk or your local support team. Completing these steps could save up to several gigabytes of data transfer which will improve performance and the speed of the migration.

E. Identify Users

Each member of staff will require a unique user account on the Scomis Hosted Applications service. Our policies do not allow for accounts such as “Admin” or “Supply” accounts.

Scomis will need a list of

  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Current SIMS username
  • School email address
  • Role

A spreadsheet will be sent to you. this will need to be filled out in order for the SIMS users to be imported in to the Hosted Application Service. This should be expected to be received at the same time as the Customer Agreement form. Scomis will generate Hosted Applications Service user accounts based on this spreadsheet.

The hosted applications username will be in the form of firstname.lastnameXX (Were XX is a randomly generated 2 digit number)

Note: It is the responsibility of the school to change passwords after the migration. At the first time of logging in, users will be asked to change the provided password to a new one. See http://faq.scomis.org/kb635/ for information on our password policy.

Please contact your Account Manager for the Migration Users spreadsheet.

F. Identify Key Users requiring User Management Rights

Scomis give schools the ability to reset a user password, assign shortcuts or request new Hosted Applications users. Typically the role would be given to the schools SIMS Manager and/or network management teams. It is the schools choice who will be assigned user management rights, please indicate this on the Migration Users spread sheet, by including a “Y” in the “System Manager” column of the spreadsheet.

G. Identify Third Party Applications

The school must provide a list of any 3rd party applications (in use within your school) which integrate with SIMS. A list of compatible applications can be found on the following FAQ: https://faq.scomis.org/kb26610/

An External Connector will need to be configured for software not currently configured on the Hosted Applications Service. In order to support the External Connector the school will need to identify a dedicated workstation or server and provide the IP address details or Hostname to Scomis prior to the migration.

Scomis will provide step by step instructions on how to install the External Connector. The network manager will be responsible for installing this.

This will only be possible once the migration is finished and that the network manager has been given “”System Manager” access rights.

H. Scomis Software Installation

Using the MSI installers available from http://faq.scomis.org/kb6271/, your network manager will need to roll out the Scomis Hosted Applications Connector to the relevant workstations around the school if this has not already been done. This should be done prior the migration.

Pre-Migration Conclusion

Once you have completed these steps, and you are happy to proceed with the Migration, please send a copy of your updated Hosted Applications Sign Off sheet to Scomis@devon.gov.uk

Scomis will then arrange and confirm your Migration date.



1. Service evaluation: Is this suitable for your school

2. Pre-migration Preparation

3. Migration

4. Post Migration 

5. Completion

reviewed 08/01/2021

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