Hosted Applications (Terminal Server) School – Adding Internal Shortcuts

Within the Hosted SIMS Environment, you can set up your own  internal shortcuts to parts of SIMS that you use most often.

We have put together a short video to get you started.  This takes you through adding your own Panel and creating your internal shortcuts.

It is beneficial to set your window zoom to allow you to see the whole of the screen without having scroll bars.  Amend the zoom percentage accordingly so that you can see the Adobe Captivate button at the bottom left of the screen.

Use the universal start/stop/rewind/fast forward buttons shown at the top or bottom of the screen to run the video at your preferred speed.

Click on the link below to start the video.

Hosted School – Add Internal Shortcuts

Additional guides for Hosted Applications services can be found in the following FAQs: – Getting Started (setting up a new connection to the Hosted Environment) – Giving Access to Shared Applications to the SIMS Launcher Panel – Reset Passwords – Setting up a New User within the Hosted Environment



Reviewed on 02/03/2018

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