Sims ID – Reset Your Password

You can only change your own password if your site has been configured to allow this. To reset your password click on the “Hello your name” (top right of screen) and choose ‘Change Password’.   As you type the new password hints are given to help you comply with the SIMS ID password complexity policy….

SIMS ID – Password Recovery

What to do if you forget your password:   If you forget your password, you can click on the ‘Forgotten password’ link from If you forget your username, please contact your SIMS ID Site Administrator. When resetting your password you will be asked to provide your username and asked to answer one of your…

Current use of SIMS ID:-

Current use of Sims ID:- SIMS Next Generation SIMS Parent Lite & SIMS Parent SIMS Activities (part of SIMS Parent Full) SIMS Agora (online payments) SIMS Options

Sims ID – Onboarding

Sims ID – On-boarding If you are looking to use SIMS ID or SIMS ID-AD you will need to contact the Capita Software Sales team and request a SIMS ID or SIMS-AD subscription. Their telephone number is 01234 832100. The SIMS ID process starts with an agreement to cover the terms of use. This allows Capita to then give the school…

What are the benefits of auto-provisioning through Sims ID?

What are the benefits of auto-provisioning through Sims ID? Schools start using SIMS ID for a variety of reasons. Some use SIMS ID to manage their Active Directories and Office 365 provisioning. Others start with SIMS ID only providing access for parents using Parent App. or students using SIMS Options. Schools that start using SIMS…