Updating the backup Email List – Process

Open Remote Backup 13-14.xlsm – Read Only is fine.

Path to spreadsheet is –

\\ds\docs\Exeter, Great Moor House\EALData\Traded\ScoMIS\Admin\ScoMIS Unit Finance\2013-14*\Remote Backup 13-14.xlsm

*when we enter the 2014-15 financial year, use the subsequent \2014-15\ folder and so on

Go to Summary tab

Click Export Latest Data (for Service Desk) and wait for the process to complete (about 30 seconds)

Go to Export Data tab

Note what row number the last line is – ie YEOFORD PRI on row 505. Highlight columns A to E (ie from Group Name to DFES). Right mouse click and select “Copy“.

In the backup email server, open up “School List” desktop icon. This will open up a csv file called import.csv.

Again note what row number the last line is – ie YEOFORD PRI row 503. Highlight columns A to E. Right mouse click, select “Paste Special” and from the list, select “Text” and press OK.

Ignore the message that the “Data on the clipboard is not the same size and shape…” and click OK.

Check the last row on the spreadsheet and it should now match the Redstor Service Spreadsheet row number – ie YEOFORD PRI is now on row 501 which indicates 2 new rows have been added to the spreadsheet since it was last updated.

Close down the import.csv spreadsheet. It will ask you to save changes, select “Yes“. Select “Save” leaving the filename as Import.csv and select “Yes” again to replace existing file. Select “Yes” to keep the file in CSV format.

The updated changed will now mean the “missing schools” in the email list should now appear.




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