Scomis Training Environment – Login Error

When attempting to access the Scomis Training environment on https://train.scomis.org we have seen a small number of users experience the following error: “Error – expecting a single child node with tag: authentication”

If you click on “OK”, you receive the following error: “Error – Failed to connect to the Connection Server.”

To resolve this error, please clear the cache on your Internet browser, close it fully, reopen and then log back in to https://train.scomis.org

You can also try opening the site in an new “Incognito Tab” (if using Chrome) or in a new “InPrivate Tab” (if using Edge) to get around this error.

We believe this happens when a previous session (possibly when testing the Training site before a course) has not been fully logged out and the internet browser caches this. When you then reconnect to the site it is expecting the previously used credentials and if they do not match, the errors above are shown.

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