Troubleshooting Installing Scomis Open VPN External Connector

Sometimes when installing the External Connector you will receive and error asking if the Clock on the computer is incorrect and the install will fail. You may get errors such as the following:

It is possible that your Clock is wrong and doesn’t match the Server Time.”

ERROR – Creating XMLRPC Object

To resolve this check the following:

  1. See if a Proxy is required, look at the IE settings to see if a proxy is used. If so, enter this on the installation screen.
  2. Uninstall the TAP adaptor and Open VPN from Control Panel Programs and Features if they are already installed.
  3. Check the time and time zone are correct. You can do this by right clicking on the time and choosing Adjust Time and Date, make sure its using London GMT. The time will need to be within 30 seconds of our servers.
  4. Open CMD as Administrator – Click start and search for cmd, right click and Run as Administrator.
    1. Type the following and press enter:regsvr32 -u C:\support\ExternalConnector\vbXML.dll
    2. This should return a box saying that its successfully unregistered the DLL. Next type:regsvr32 -u C:\support\ExternalConnector\vbXMLRPC.dll
    3. Click OK to the successful dialogue box and close the command window.

Make sure the installer is not running already and run it again. It should connect and install without error.

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