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Scomis Hosted Application Connector – Not Responding

Our connector will hang and appear “not responding” if certain characters make part of your Hosted Application Service Password.


Our connector will hang


if a double quote character forms part of your password



The way the connection stores your password uses a double quote, introducing another one through the password causes an error in this process.



We are updating our Password change tool to prevent use of a double quote in user passwords, unfortunately we can’t prevent users putting a double quote into their password through the standard change password screen.


If you are currently effected enter an incorrect password in our connector that does not contain a double quote, you will then be presented with a second login where you can enter the problem password.


Once logged in press Ctrl+Alt+End to bring up the menu screen




Choose a new password, make sure it meets the complexity requirements but does not contain a double quote character.


Last reviewed 05/08/2019.

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