Using Securenet, Teachernet and Collect with Terminal Server

When using  Securenet, Teachernet or Collect with SIMS on Terminal Server you must  use the links from the left hand panel  on SIMS to access them, other wise you will not be able to import and export files to and from SIMS.

If any of the links that you need are missing, your main administrator or ICT technician should have access to the Terminal Server Shortcuts program to provide you with a shortcut.

If no one in the school is aware that they have the Terminal Server Shortcuts program, please contact Scomis and we can tell you who has the correct access.


You may find that when you choose to file transfer in Securenet that you get errors that it is unable to find the correct location for file transfer as it is pointing the G: drive.

To rectify this, make a note of the folder path and click on the Browse button at the bottom of the screen. Then choose the School_name$ (SIMSDB01) (F:) drive and follow the folder path you have written down, then click OK when you have completed the path.

Click on the File Transfer link on the left hand side of the screen and it will then ask if you want to save the file path you have created, click Yes to this.


Using Securenet, Teachernet and Collect with Terminal Server


Reviewed 18/05/2015

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