Schoolcomms – Recording VAT

If your school sells items such as book bags online via SchoolComms you will need to inform County/HMRC of the VAT element, in order that the monies can be reclaimed.

At the moment there is no defined way for a school to mark a payment request as being VAT applicable within Schoolcomms. This would make it difficult for Barclaycard to work out as no specific VAT instructions are sent to them from the Schoolcomms software.

What could be done though is that the school would include ‘VAT Applicable’ in the Cost Centre field when setting up a payment request. The schools would then run a report of all the transactions from a certain day or date range and in Excel filter it by the Cost Centre field to only show those that have ‘VAT Applicable’ included. The school could then pass that information on to county.

Reviewed on 16/4/20

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