Updating Corero (Resource32)

Corero (Resource32) is a finance application which uses a client application and back end database server.  For a Hosted Applications Customer, Resource32 is installed in a folder on the schools F:\ Drive (F:\PUBLIC\CORERO)  All applications relating to Resource32 are installed in this folder.

Updates are usually applied in the form of;

  • Updates to Data, this is imported into the database from a spreadsheet and typically involves an application called Governor.exe
  • Updates to program files and supporting files, this typically involves running an installer.  The installer effectively checks the versions and characteristics of files and updates them accordingly a bit like unzipping, but with a bit more logic (renaming the installer, removing the words Setup or Install from the file name avoids UAC prompts).

Whilst the upgrade process can be performed from a school users session, there is an occasional need to access the database server directly.  Therefore an administrative session is required.

  1. Connect to a least busy front end server as a Scomis Administrator
  2. Connect to the Schools F:\ drive
  3. Setup a remote support session with the Corero expert, explain that UAC is active
  4. Confirm that this is a workstation and the F:\Public\Corero is the central shared server.
  5. Confirm that the database server is on a different machine
  6. Confirm that downloads may be saved locally to C:\Temp but extracted to F:\Public\Corero as necessary
  7. If access to the database server is required, setup an RDP session and logon to the SQL Instance
  8. In some instances the ODBC settings have not been defined for your user account – these are NOT System DSN but USER DSN, this is to prevent other schools from inadvertently accessing or seeing another schools database.  To get the USER DSN entries, run the Resource32Launcher application from F:\PUBLIC\Corero or E:\Profiles\Scripts2\Programs.

Generally the Corero expert can be left to do the upgrade, although from experience they don’t remember where to save files, have any knowledge of UAC or know about mapped network drives.  Therefore always supervise the session until you are confident that the expert can be left.




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