I am being asked for a password when accessing network drives

When trying to access the network drives (eg. F drive & G drive) I am being asked for a username and password.










The main reason for the above issue occurring is that a windows network password has been changed or expired.

In order to resolve this issue you will need to reset your password on the admin/curriculum server (or both the admin/curriculum server and your local PC if you have not changed your password).

To do this you will need to carry out the following:

  • Get a colleague with administrator rights to log into the admin/curriculum server (depending what drive data you are trying to access).
  • Click on Start.
  • Right click on Computer.
  • Click on Manage.
  • In the window that this brings up click on local users and groups.
  • Within the middle pane click on users.
  • Right click on your username from within this list.
  • Click on set password.
  • Type in the same password that you have entered on your local PC.
  • Click proceed and then close.

You should now be able to connect to your F and G drives. If you can’t please log a call with the Scomis service desk.


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