Hosted SIMS using Apple iOS Android devices – how to connect iPad / iPhone / Android guide

It is possible to connect to the Scomis Hosted Application Service ie hosted SIMS using Apple IOS Android devices and Android devices from home or in school using the Microsoft Remote Desktop client.

  • NOTE:  Capita SIMS .net requires Microsoft Office Products for reporting, it is therefore the responsibility of all schools to ensure that all users and devices are covered for remote use rights by having a valid  Microsoft Office 2016 Licence (Standard Edition Minimum).

To connect to Scomis Hosted SIMS using Apple iOS Android devices please follow the below steps:

Update November 2016 – there have been significant updates to the Remote Desktop Application on iOS. Some screens may differ slightly to what is shown below however it should still work.

Update February 2016 – there may possibly be an issue when updating to the latest Microsoft RDP app for Apple IOS or Android devices – if you encounter connection issues, please uninstall the app, then reinstall following the process below. 

If you already have the Microsoft RDP App installed – try this Quick Connect ink before configuring the App.

1.Open the Apple App Store (for Mac / iOS devices) or the Google Playstore (for Android devices) and search for ’Microsoft Remote Desktop’, then download and install it.

 2. You firstly need to configure a Gateway, click on the three dots “…” icon (Settings).

3.Select Gateways on the Settings Screen.

4. Select Add Gateway on the Gateways screen.

5. Select Gateway name (Host name or IP address) on the Add Gateway screen.

6. Enter either and click on Done.

7. Under User Account leave this to say Use PC user account

8. You should then have listed in the Gateways screen, quit the settings menus by clicking Save.

9. Click the addition (+) symbol on the top right corner and choose Add PC.

10. Select PC Name – Host Name or IP address.

11. Enter as the PC name and click Save.

12. Select User Account.

13. Under username enter simsnet\ followed by your Hosted Services username. Important – Do NOT enter / save your hosted applications password here – this will present a security / data protection issue as it will enable anyone who gets hold of your device to log straight into your SIMS data without any logon credentials to enter. Click Save once you’ve entered your username only.

14. Once you have clicked Save. Please ensure you have checked the relevant boxes for what features you would like included in the Remote Desktop app.

15. Open the Gateway section.

16. Select the Gateway settings you saved earlier.

19. Once this has been done click Save. Then you will be able to connect. At this point you will be prompted for a password.


20. It is likely you will want to navigate the RDP session using touch screen mode rather than the default mouse pointer mode. To switch to Touch Screen mode, tap the connection bar. Then click the Touch Screen icon option to navigate in touch screen mode. To navigate using the mouse pointer, simply click the bar again and select the Mouse Pointer icon.


Reviewed 01/02/2021

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