B2B Covid Attendance Sub Codes not transferring to the LA


Local Authorities receiving attendance data via B2B have reported that since the introduction of the Covid-19 absence subcodes, information being transferred is not as accurate as required.

Patch 26491 has been released by ESS which will need to be applied via DBupgrade on the SIMS server.

After applying the patch when exporting the data via B2B if the school entered any of the covid 19 subcodes like I01,I02,X01, X02 etc then the corresponding single character LA code will be exported.

The Devon LA has requested this patch be applied to all Devon Schools therefore:

Scomis Hosted Devon Schools will have the patch applied for them on 19 May 2021.

Locally Hosted Devon Schools will have the patch made available to them on Solus on 19 May 2021.

Should any other LA or schools require patch 26491, please log a service request through scomis@devon.gov.uk

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