How to restrict access to Sims .net

This will mainly apply to anyone using the scomis hosted applications service who require staff to access linked software such as FMS, DCC Applications, Scamp, PS Financials etc but who do not require access to the Sims .net database.

There is a permissions group which gives no access to any of the student or personnel data – its description is Application Links User.

  • In Sims .net go to Focus>System Manager>Manage Users
  • Search for the required user (or add new one)
  • Section 3 is Groups click on the right hand + Add option
  • Choose Application Links User from the list
  • Save the record

In order to obtain a user name go to User Management>Request New User

The user will now have access to the launcher panel on the left in Sims .net which is necessary in the hosted applications environment to access associated software.

The only access within Sims .net this gives is to the school diary and messages.

Reviewed 13/04/2018



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