How do I create a Pre-Admission Group?

  • Go to Routines | Admission | Admission Groups | Setup.
  • Click the New button to display the Intake Group Details page.  Mandatory fields are highlighted in red.
  • In the Intake Group panel select the Admission Year, to which the intake group relates, from the drop down list.
  • Select the required Admission Season  – Autumn or Spring.
  • Select the Year Group from the drop down list.
  • Enter the number of applicants that you expect to admit to this intake group in the Planned Admission field.
  • If you now click in the Name field it will automatically generate a default name based on Admission Year, Admission Season and Year Group – this can be amended if required.
  • The Active check box is selected by default and indicates that the group is available for use.

Reviewed: 29/7/20

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