Unknown Username when logging into Encryption (Duplicate Machine Name)

If there is not a duplicated machine name please follow this FAQ instead – http://faq.scomis.org/kb12760/.


A customer will have created a new user to log onto encryption for a laptop. They then get an error when logging on which says “0xE0010020 unknown user name”. This can be caused by an error in the installation of the encryption which will cause the laptop name to duplicate. To find out if this is causing the issue please follow these steps:


– Log into the Encryption Server and then into the Encryption Management Console

– Make sure you are on the Machines tab within the console

– Expand the section named Endpoint Encryption Machine Groups

– Search for the School’s DFE number

If there is a duplicated machine name you will see two devices next to each other with the same name, but one will have a ‘001’ on the end. Please see the picture below that shows this:

Encryption FAQ 1


Once you have confirmed that it is a duplicate name follow these instructions:

– Open the laptop record that does not have a 001 on the end

– Within the General panel copy the whole text in the Description box

– Go to the Users panel and write down the names of the users assigned to that laptop

– Now delete that laptop record by right clicking on it and selecting Delete*

*Occasionally there may be a triple duplicated name, for example a laptop may have a 001 on the end and a 002. In this case right click on each laptop and press Force Sync, this will then show you which laptop is connected and this will be the one you need to keep. 

Now you will need to amend the details on the correct instance of the laptop:

– Right click on the laptop that has the 001 on the end and click Rename. Remove the 001 so the name matches the original laptop name

– In the General panel, paste in the description from the previous laptop

– Double click on the laptop and go to the Users panel and click Add

– In the left hand column choose the school’s DFE number

– Now select the users who need to be assigned to that laptop and press Ok

For this process to be completed you will now need to ask the user to log in with a user account that does work, or alternatively log in with the Scomis School’s Specific log in. The laptop will then need to be synchronised and rebooted. This will now resolve the issue and the new users should now be able to log in.



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