How to use the Assessment Mapping Tool

SIMS has introduced a new utility enabling users to map Aspect and Result Sets that have been defined in school with those defined by Capita SIMS. This is known as the Mapping Tool. Once a school has mapped their assessment aspects and result sets to those provided by Capita, the associated assessment results will become visible within the pre-defined resources supplied by Capita and assessment results will also be displayed within the SIMS School Report

Mapping data from a school’s own aspects to the pre-defined Capita aspects can be done via the Assessment Mapping Tool in SIMS, via Tools > Performance > Assessment > Assessment Mapping Tool.

Step 1. For Secondary Schools only –   Import the Mapping Tool Aspects and Resultsets. Go to   Routines | Data In | Assessment | Import |

browse to :

F:\public\AMPA\England Secondary\Assessment Manager\KS4 Assessment Mapping Tool Aspect


F:\public\AMPA\England Secondary\Assessment Manager\KS4 Assessment Mapping Tool Resultsets

These only have to be imported once.

(NB – the AMPA folder path may differ if your data is held within your school)


Step 2. Please click Using the Mapping Tool to see the documentation



Reviewed 21/02/2020

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