Solus 3 Troubleshooting Tips

Below are some useful tips for troubleshooting issues with Solus 3.

Ensure that the Solus Installation Pre Requisites have been met, check list below:

All machines that will form part of the SOLUS3 environment, being those that are used for SIMS, SIMS Discover or FMS, will require certain pre-requisites before the installation of the Agent can take place.

Please ensure that:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Full version, i.e. Client Profile and Extended) or later is installed. If SIMS is already running on the workstation then this is already present;
  • Windows Task Scheduler is running; you can browse to network shares, e.g. the F:\ drive. This will confirm the requirement for TCP port 139, UDP port 137 and UDP port 138 to be open in the workstation’s firewall, supporting NetBIOS network browsing;
  • TCP ports 52965, 52966 and 8739 are open in the workstation’s firewall;
  • Some domain controllers also require that port 389 (TCP) be opened for LDAP;
  • Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) service is running and is enabled on the firewall; and
  • There are no obvious issues with the workstation, e.g. suspected virus, unreliable network connection, etc. There should also be at least 1Gb of free disk space on the workstation system drive (i.e. C:\).

Issues with Solus 3 itself:

Ensure that both the Solus3 services are running on the main machine/SIMS server – they are:

  1. Solus3 Deployment Service
  2. Solus3 Agent Service

Both should be set to Automatic and be Started. On a Solus 3 client machine only the Agent Service will be apparent but also needs to be set to Automatic and Running.

Check the log files – there 2:

  1. Ds_systemlog – located in C:\ProgramData\Capita\Solus3\Logs
  2. Ui_systemlog – located in C:\ProgramData\Capita\Solus3\Logs

The ds_systemlog is the log for the deployment side of things and will detail issue encountered when trying to deploy updates.

The ui_systemlog is for the Solus 3 console and will assist with connection errors and errors with Agents etc. Both will contain error messages that can be looked up on the “My Account” section of the Capita Support site.

The Solus 3 Agent also has its own log file found in C:\Program Files\Solus3\AgentService and can be used to help diagnose issues with both updates and connections.

Any machine that runs SIMS/FMS/Discover and needs to be updated MUST have a Solus 3 agent on it and be defined as a Target in the Solus 3 console (see FAQ site for details on adding a machine).

Further advice and tips can be found in the below document:


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