FPS Adding CFR Codes to Support Staff

P7 Link

Before selecting the P7 Link there are some house-keeping requirements that schools will need to undertake within SIMS Personnel. Each staff member’s contract must be linked to a CFR code; this is a simple process but will take some time to complete, as it requires manual updating of each staff members open contract. At the same time as updating these details schools must also check their data to ensure that all information within SIMS is up-to-date and correct.

FMS also provides a staff list at cost centre level within Salary Projections, see screen shot below:

FMS Screen dump

What schools need to do:-

Go into the staff area of SIMS

  1. Change the status to “Support Staff, all Current”
  2. Select “search”
  3. Open the top staff member
  4. Go to the “Employment Details” tab
  5. Open all relevant contracts from the contract area including closed contracts that were open in the current financial year.
  6. For each contract link it to a CFR code within the Budget to CFR code
    Budget to CFR
  7. Save
  8. Amend any other contracts before saving the main employee details
  9. Select the next staff member by clicking on the Next Green Arrow (as per screen shot below)


As a guide the following staff should be linked to the following CFR Codes:

CFR Code Heading Staff Roles
E01 Teaching Staff All Teachers & Leadership
E03 Education Support Staff TA’s, invigilators, Nursery staff, Cover supervisors, Childcare Staff
E04 Premises Staff Cleaners & Caretakers
E05 Admin & Clerical Administrators, Business Managers, Clerks
E06 Catering staff Chefs, Cooks, Servers
E07 Cost of other staff MTA’s, Before & After School Staff



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