Data Collection Report (contacts only)

This report will show the name and address of the pupil with blank boxes for the collection of Contact Details.  It has been designed to re-collect contact details and should be used if Check 99 in database diagnostics reveals some contacts whose details need to be  checked but the school does not have any manual records to check against.

Click here to download the file.

To import the report:

  1. Download the file into a folder that you can access when you are in Sims.
  2. Unzip the and extract the Data Collection Contacts Only.rptdef file into the same folder.
  3. In Sims, go to Reports / Import
  4. Click on the Open folder (top right hand of the Import Reports window)
  5. Browse to the folder which contacts the Data Collection Contacts Only.rptdef file and double click on it to select it.
  6. It should then appear in the Import Report(s) window
  7. Click on the Import button.
  8. Close the window when the report has imported.

To use the report for a single student

  1. Open the student’s record.
  2. Click in the Reports link on the right hand side
  3. Open the Focus / Student folder
  4. Double click on the Data Collection Contacts Only report to run it for the student.

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