How to import the approved HCSS Budgeting scenario into FMS

Once the completed scenario has been approved by governors and published within HCSS Budgeting schools will need to import the scenario into FMS.

The first step of this will be to log into the HCSS Budgeting Web Companion and log into the FMS link.

Once logged in you will need to use the bottom section of the window to export the scenario from HCSS Budgeting.

You will need to select the approved scenario from the drop down list and click on export.


Once the above has been done you will need to log into FMS.

Within FMS you will need to Browse to Focus – Budget Management – Import Budget.

This will then bring up a new window which should have the scenario name in the top box.

You will need to enter a narrative into the two Year 1 boxes and enter the HCSS Budgeting Web Portal login details into the user credential boxes.

Once this has been done you will need to click on import.


To check that the scenario has successfully populated the budget you can check within the chart of accounts.


We advise not to fix the budget yet as Devon finance may ask you to make changes once they have checked the budget.


Reviewed – 07/04/2020

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