Deleting SIMS Reports created by another user.

As you know, when a user creates a report within SIMS, only that user can amend or delete the report. Other users can use this as a base for their own report but the original report remains in effect. Therefore when a person leaves or changes role, their reports were orphaned within SIMS in previous versions. This resulted in long lists of reports attributed to past employees that cannot be amended or deleted.

In the Summer Upgrade (2016) this has been addressed. Those with System Manager Permissions can use the route Reports – Design Report – Open an Existing Report.

This will then give you the Report Browse window and you see a new folder option called Owners.

Expand this folder by clicking on the +.

All of the SIMS users will be listed.  Those who have created reports will be shown in bold with the number of reports they own in brackets beside their name.

You can move reports from one owner to another or you can simply delete reports that are owned by past employees no longer working.

To delete simply highlight the person’s name in the list and then the report(s) you wish to delete in the right-hand list. Right-click and select Delete from the menu shown.

To assign the reports to another owner, highlight the person’s name in the list and then the report(s) you wish to move in the right-hand list. Hold down the left mouse key and drag them to the new person’s name in the list. Release the mouse key and the reports will now be owned by the selected person.

Capita has provided a video tutorial if you would like to see a demonstration of this new functionality.



Reviewed on 02/03/2018

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