Recording deceased parents in SIMS

If a parent has passed away, you will need to remove them from SIMS to make sure that no reports or letters are sent to them.

As this is a sensitive issue for both the pupil and family involved, please check that no labels contain the deceased parent’s name and address once the following instructions have been carried out.

  1. In the student’s record within Family/Home, highlight the deceased contact and press delete.
  2. Remove the parental salutation and parental addressee.
  3. Go to the other parent’s record and open their details. Once in here, go to documents and create a new note. Leave the type as not specified and enter a note in the summary field eg “Deceased Husband”.
  4. Repeat these steps for any siblings at the school.
  5. Go to Focus – Person – Contact and find the deceased parent’s record. In the ‘Honours’ data field, enter  ‘DECEASED – dd/mm/yy – NO MAIL’. so that members of staff can see this straight away if the record is opened.
  6. Ensure all parental salutation/addressee fields are blank and go back into the pupil records and update their parental addressee/salutation using the cog symbol within Family/Home.


There is now a new panel in SIMS called “Additional persons at this address” If the parent lived at the same address of the pupil, they will still show in here. In order to remove them from this panel, you will need to go into the parent’s record and put an end date on their address.

There is currently a field in SIMS called “Additional Persons At This Address” This will be removed in the next update of SIMS but for now, to make sure any parents who have passed away don’t show in the field, you will need to add an end date onto their address within their record.

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