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One of my invoices is not on the authorisation list

Does it appear on the screen with No in the ‘cent’ column?  If so there is an incorrect LEA reference in the supplier details so it will not be centrally paid.

  • Go to FMS>Focus>Accounts Payable>Supplier
  • Choose the supplier and check the LEA reference field on tab 1 (and on tab 2 if a payee is in use).
  • The correct LEA reference can only be confirmed by the Creditors Section of the Local Authority

If the error has been noticed before the file has been uploaded then the following steps need to be taken:-

1. In FMS process a credit note while the data is still showing the incorrect information, this will then upload the incorrect invoice and a credit note to cancel it.

2. In FMS>Focus>Central>Manual Reconciliation reconcile both the incorrect invoice and the credit note to bring the net amount back to £0

3. Correct the LEA reference on the supplier record and process the invoice again so that it shows on the Authorize Payments screen



Reviewed 30/07/2015

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