Download & Reformat Errors: This file may already have been imported or DTBTCHIN.TXT already exists

A red box may come up when downloading reconciliation files and running the reformat for FMS routine, stating that this file may already have been imported.

Action 1 – If the box is still on the screen change the file name to today’s date (so it is easy to find).  The file will be then be created and be ready for import. – DO NOT IMPORT YET!

Action 2 – It is VITAL that the data in this file which is now in SIMS>Transfer>In is checked. Find the file and open in notepad –  check with the administrator if the contents have recently been dealt with and compare with the original file name which should be in SIMS>Transfer>Read.

  • If the data is the same and the school agrees that it has been reconciled already then the new file should be moved out of SIMS>Transfer>In and put into SIMS>Transfer>Read as a duplicate and NOT imported into FMS.
  • If the data is different, for example if the original file is 10 years old then the new file may be imported into FMS.

In all cases Close the notepad file without saving so you don’t corrupt the import file.

The error occurs because the SIMS>Transfer>Read folder has too many old files and after 10 years the new .txt file may have a duplicate number.

A good housekeeping routine is to tidy up these files by having an archive folder in SIMS>Transfer>Read (or even archive 2). Cut and Paste all files prior to the current financial year into the archive.

Action 3 –  Always check that all files have been brought through.  Restart the download procedure and check for any other files to be downloaded.  When you close this you may have another file reformatted for import or you may get another error DTBTCHIN. exists.

DTBTCHIN.txt Is a transitory file in the Public>DTSApps folder, it should disappear when the downloaded file from Finest is reformatted ready for import to FMS.

This error occurs because the path to the SIMS>Transfer>In directory was not available eg during a network fault or access issue, or maybe more than one instance of DTSAPPS is running at the same time. Use ALT+TAB to check if any other instances are open (eg; authorise payments/petty cash authorisation) if so close them and try again.

If the error persists

Action 4 –  In the Public>DTSAPPS folder check the date of the dtbtchin.txt before proceeding. If it has a current date on the file locate the smdt5.exe (in the same DTSAPPS folder) and click to run it. This should move the file on and be ready for import.  (once again check the file is not a duplicate).  If the date on the DTBTCHIN file is the date of the previous reformatted file (already imported)  the DTBTCHIN is stuck, please go to DTSAPPS folder and rename DTBTCHIN to DTBTCHINOLD and save.  Then re-run the reformat for FMS.  This should create a new file.  As in Action 2 open the reformatted file in SIMS\Transfer\IN in notepad and check the file is a new one and expected.


Updated 02/04/2020 DS




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