Prepare Authorised Payments – Error ‘Previously processed file found’

Prepare Authorised Payments – error ‘previously processed file found’

This error is caused by the previous processed file still showing in F:\public\SIMS\Transfer\OUT

The processed file should have successfully moved to F:\public\SIMS\Transfer\SENT.

  1. Check that the file in Transfer\OUT is also showing in Transfer\SENT. If it is then the file in Transfer\OUT can be renamed ‘duplicate’  on the end of the filename and moved into Transfer\SENT. Prepare Authorise Payments should now COLLECT invoices successfully.
  2. If the file in Transfer\OUT is not in Transfer\SENT, a thorough check will need to be carried out to ensure that the file has been processed and uploaded to the LA. Check in F:\public\dtsapps\outgoing\Archive to see that the file was sent. If the file has been sent and is showing in the Archive folder then move the file from Transfer\OUT to Transfer\SENT.


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