4 Week Cycle/Timetable

Setting up a 4 Week Timetable and applying it in SIMS

If the following is being actioned after the start of the academic year, great care needs to be taken. Please see https://faq.scomis.org/kb16581/ for details on sending the cycle mid-year.

Please be aware that as 4 week timetables have not previously been used, Capita are still in the process of assessing the functionality.

To create additional weeks in Nova go to Cycle | Create Week Two. This will duplicate the weeks already in the cycle, so a one week cycle will go to two and a two week cycle will go to four. If you have a one week cycle, create week two and then do that same routine again to duplicate to four.

When sending the cycle from Nova to SIMS, take the tick out of ‘Fixed Week Cycle’ to avoid getting an error ‘System.Data.SQL.Client.SQL.Exception’

Once the Cycle and the Timetable have been sent, apply the timetable via ‘Tools | Academic Management | Apply Timetable’ ensuring the correct cycle is selected and that the application dates are correct. Because of the complexity of a 4 week timetable, extra care must be taken to check all the weeks in the year and that the correct Timetable days have been applied to the correct days of the week. To select the start point of the days, select the radio button ‘Select Start Point’ and then select from the drop-down where the week is starting.

Once applied, Lesson Monitor AM and PM sessions will need to be set in Tools | Setups | Lesson Monitor Options | Lesson Monitor Setup.

Cover will look more complex showing all the 4 weeks needing covering.

Printing student timetable display over only 2 pages rather than 4 if you select ‘Flip’ top left on the display screen.






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