SLG – Make student name link to details in attendance registers


Is it possible with SLG to make the student name when listed in the attendance registers list linkable with their student details page?


Yes, to do this:

  • Log onto SLG as an administrator
  • Click onto the “Attendance Registers Page”
  • Click “Site Actions > Edit Page”
  • On the second web part called “Attendance Register” click “edit > Modify shared web part”
  • The settings will appear on the right hand side, expand “SIMS Learning Gateway Webpart Properties”
  • In “Student Detail Redirection Url” enter “StudentSummary.aspx”
  • Click “Ok” to apply the changes and click “Exit Edit Mode”
  • Student Names are now click-able from within attendance registers.


Reviewed on 16/02/2015

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