Can you change the percentages in Attendance Discover graphs?

Certain attendance Discover graphs displays totals by percentages, for example: 100% 99% 98% 97% etc. These can be changed.

It is possible to specify the ranges used on the x-axis of attendance interval and late interval graphs (such as the Percentage Session Attendance Year to Date and Percentage Lates graphs).

Open the Discover Administration Utility and go to Modify Graph Display Settings. There are Attendance Interval and Late Interval fields that allow you to amend this. The Size needs to be a figure between 0.2 and 20.0%. The Count needs to be set to a figure between 4 and 10.

For example, if the Size is set to 2.0 and the Count is set to 4, this means the applicable graphs will display 4 bars with totals separated by 2 values: 100% 98% 96% <96%

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