Resetting Parental Ballot Flags

All parents who have a child registered as on-roll at the school are eligible to stand for election when there is a vacancy for a parent governor. The term ‘parents’ includes natural parents and anyone else with parental responsibility.

The Parental Ballot check box can be selected via Focus > Pupil (Or Student) – Family/Home panel when adding new contacts or editing existing ones.

Deselect the check box if the contact is not eligible.

It is possible to reset the Parental Ballot box in bulk

Select Tools > Housekeeping > General to display the Housekeeping page.

In the Reset Parental Ballot Flags panel, specify the Effective Date by clicking the Calendar button and selecting the date.

Select the ‘Include accepted pre-admission students due to be on roll on the effective date’ check box if you would like to reset all applicant contacts in addition to other pupil/student contacts with parental responsibility.

Click the Apply button to reset the parental ballot flags

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