Setting up B2B Scheduled Tasks – Hosted Schools

To setup B2B tasks to send information to your local authority, you can follow these steps:

Firstly, you will need to follow this FAQ – to make sure you are configured correctly –

Once you have done this, do the following:

  •  Go into Routines – Data Exchange – Manage Tasks
  • Press ‘Search’ and you will see a list of scheduled tasks.

  • Open up Scheduled Task 1 and tick the ‘Pupil Data’ box and rename the task to say Student Data.
  • Enter in a day and time that you want to send the information and tick ‘Active’.

  • Save the scheduled task and then go back to the browse and open the Scheduled Task 2.
  • In scheduled task 2, rather than ticking pupil data use the drop down to select the attendances you wish to send.

  • Put in a day and time to send the task and tick active.

Once you have done all of this, email the Service Desk at requesting that we configure B2B on your SIMS Services Manager.

When we have confirmed this has been done, your tasks will send at the specified time to your LA.


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