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Scomis / Redstor Backup Installation Files

Click on the links below to download the relevant MSI or other files required for your installation.


Redstor Pro ESE Client Software.

Click the title to download the Redstor software for Windows 7 Desktop and above, Windows Server 2008 and above.
Click on the latest version link and the select the correct O/S version from the ‘Pro Agent’ tab


Exclusions.xml file
(right click and select “save as”)
save in to the main Redstor folder.


Remote Backup Connectivity Test tool

Click the title to download the testing tool to check the port connectivity to Redstor / Scomis Remote Backup Platform.
Use IP Address:port =


Encryption Key Checker

Tool for checking validity of your encryption key
(this does not reset or tell you what your key is. It just allows you to confirm you have the correct key)



Snapshot Verification Tool

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