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Information re leaving SWGfL

The following information needs to be considered for schools considering the implications of leaving SWGfL and finding other internet providers.

There will be no affect to the service you receive from Scomis but some changes may be required to be made by your new ISP. Remote support can continue outside of SWGfL.

Filtering – The filtering you receive from SWGfL is specifically intended to protect children. If you leave SWGfL you must ensure that the filtering you obtain with another provider that gives equal or better protection. You may wish to contact a child protection official to check that you are covering all aspects of child protection whilst using the internet.

A change of provider would be a change to be discussed with and approved by your School Governors

Choosing another ISP – South West Grid is not supported through Scomis and we can not make any recommendations regarding preferred Internet providers.  More information about the service you currently receive can be found by going to  http://www.swgfl.org.uk/Schools-Internet-Services/Getting-Started

Scomis Hosted Applications Platform (Hosted SIMS etc) –  If your school were to leave the SWGfL there would not be any issues with customers using Hosted Applications (SIMS Terminal Server) as long as they are using the latest Scomis Hosted Applications Connector. The download can be found at this link – http://faq.scomis.org/kb9079/. 

Microsoft Licences – MS licenses that have been purchased through Scomis authenticate via a KMS server that requires an SWGfL connection. So please bear in mind that when leaving the SWGfL these will no longer authenticate.

Scomis Remote Backup service – If your school leaves the SWGFL, to continue using the Redstor Remote Backup, your ISP will need to make the following changes – https://faq.scomis.org/kb19432/


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