Recommended Settings for Un-Managed Wireless Access Points

This article provides basic recommendations for configuring Wireless Access Points.  It is not intended as a definative guide for setting up a Wireless Access Point.

  1. Configure the access point to use an IP Address from the School range.  Generally start at the last address and work backwards.  Ensure that the IP address is recorded on the Outside of the Access point.
  2. Create an SID for the access point, this can be an abbreviated school name – discuss with school.
  3. Create an Encryption Key/Phrase.  This can be a mixture of the schools phone number/ School Code or Post Code – discuss with school, but see notes below.
  4. Configure the Access point to use a Minimum of WPA or WPA2 encryption.

It is recommended that the position of the access points are recorded on a map, along with any name/IP address.  The school should retain this information in the Schools Comm’s cabinet or near the schools Internet Router.

Record any passwords, IP Addresses and ensure that the school have these details should they need to use them.

IMPORTANT: The school is responsible for all access to it’s internet, which includes access through a wireless access point.  The school will be liable to prosecution if the access point is not properly secured and used by people who are within range of the access point.  Ensure that a reasonably Secure access point password is used.



Last Reviewed 26/05/2015

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