School has attempted to import reconciliation file into wrong database.

Whether or not it actually imported does not matter unduly as they can still import it into the correct database as it won’t be recogized.

1.  Reconciliation files are in the format YF01A04B.txt where Y is the financial year to which the data refers so 0F50C52D.txt would be financial year 2010 and 1F01A04B.txt will be financial year 2011

2.  The files all stay in \sims\transfer\in until they are imported into FMS when they should automatically move to \sims\transfer\read

3.  If the file has been reconciled into the wrong database almost certainly it will all fall into the suspense file and items can be deleted

4.  To import it into the correct database move the file back from \sims\transfer\read to \sims\transfer\in then use the correct database to import

Last Reviewed: 17/02/2015


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